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The Forever Shutter-PVC


Thanks to an exclusive manufacturing process The Forever Shutter is made from a solid extruded PVC formulation guaranteed to remain dimensionally stable. Even when painted black, or other dark colors, you won't find dimensional movement.

Going hand in hand with dimensional stability, The Forever Shutter is termite proof, mold resistant, and you should find no buckling, cupping or warping of any kind. With this stability, The Forever Shutter is a fantastic option for anyone living in high moisture or beachfront areas.


RockBridge is our composite option made from treated wood fiber, phenolic resins, zinc borate and a water repellent. It is 90% wood, yet resists moisture, rot, and termites. This is the ideal choice if you are looking for a long-term shutter option. RockBridge Composite does not have any wood grain or wood features and therefore is intended to be painted. Due to the longevity and affordability of RockBridge Composite, it is our most popular shutter product.


Pine is abundantly grown across the southern United States, making this superior product easily available and affordable. Our Pine shutters are made from hand selected Southern Yellow Pine Graded C or better. It is golden in color and has a beautiful wood grain pattern that is 99.9% knot free. Pine is the perfect material for homeowners looking for a budget-friendly, durable wood option.


Red Grandis is a strong, beautiful and high-quality hardwood. Our Red Grandis is a pale pinkish tan to a mild creamy yellow. It is attractive, durable and long lasting which makes it a perfect choice for shutters.


Cedar is the most popular species choice in construction and wood working projects. It is not only stunning, but extremely durable which makes it ideal for shutters.


Cedar is reddish to pinkish brown, often with random streaks of darker red and brown areas. Our Cedar is Grade B or better with a straight and tight wood grain and 99.5% knot free.


Mahogany is one of our most striking shutter species options. Mahogany is a dark golden to dark reddish brown in color and very smooth. It has a natural luster and is very durable which appeals to most homeowners.


Our Mahogany is the highest grade, 99.9% knot free and has a tight straight wood grain. Due to its’ beauty and durability it is a terrific shutter species choice.



Vinyl shutters have the advantage when it comes to budget, maintenance and quality. They also have an authentic look, so you won’t lose out in the style stakes either. While personal preference is considered, vinyl remains one of the best options in the market.


Our vinyl is made from an admirably long-lasting material that is not easily damaged by prevailing weather conditions. The non-porous surface works well in high humidity or damp settings because they will not warp. Our vinyl shutters can withstand some hitting from external objects without damage.


Vinyl shutters are a great option for the on-the-go home owner since vinyl shutters require very little maintenance and upkeep. 



Our aluminum shutters are designed with the look of traditional shutters, coupled with the strength and durability of Aluminum. 


Available in a vast array of colors, our aluminum shutters will compliment any home, business, or commercial project with unsurpassed quality and affordability. 

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