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Shutter Specifications

Shutters By Design is truly your one-stop shutter shop to appreciate your home. We offer a complete custom program to fit your specific needs. Our shutters are made to order with your project in mind. Each piece is handmade with care, precision and excellence. In almost every style is a full range of options to use your creativity to design your own uniquely personalized shutter. 

The sections below feature our specifications for each shutter type broken down by style: Board & Batten, Louver & Panel. We have provided our standards along with limitations on customization options. If any of these limitations affect your intended design, please reach out to us directly and we will work together to make your concept come to life. Envision the stylish, yet enduring beauty that Shutters By Design can bring to your home.

~ Important Notice ~ Instructions accompany every single shutter order. Failure to comply with instructions will void warranty. Shutters must be removed from crate or packaging immediately upon arrival and stored in a safe place. Shutters left in packaging will result in damage. Shutters must not be stored in areas where they will be subject to high humidity, extreme heat, or extreme conditions. Any damage claim must be made within seven days of receiving shipment. Please see full details in our Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Some specifications could result in a surcharge.

Board & Batten

Board & Batten Shutters 

Louver Shutters


Panel Shutters

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