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Limited Lifetime Warranty


This warranty applies to all product lines. We warrant the shutter to be free of defects that render the shutter unusable or unfit for ordinary applications. We also warrant the shutter will be free of manufacturing defects for the life of the shutter.


Fading, rot, and panel shrinkage are normal and expected during the lifetime of our products and are excluded from our warranty. Real wood panels are not warranted. All unfinished wood Board & Batten are not warranted against excessive warping or rot since the inner joints cannot be covered with stain or primer once they are assembled. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to maintain the shutters in such a way as to prevent rotting and fading.


Instructions accompany every shutter order. Failure to comply with instructions will void warranty. Shutters must be removed from crate or packaging immediately upon arrival and stored in a safe place. Shutters left in packaging will result in damage. Shutters must not be stored in areas where they will be subject to high humidity, extreme heat, or extreme conditions. Any claim must be made within seven days of receiving shipment.


At our sole discretion, Shutters By Design will repair or replace product if found to contain manufacturing or material defects with prior written consent. There will be no refunds issued. We will not be held liable for any damage or defects resulting from modification or repairs done by the customer. Final warranty inspection will be done at our facility. If claim is found to be invalid, a replacement or repair will be paid for by the customer if desired. Shutters By Design will not pay for any painting or re-installation of our shutters due to repairs or replacement. If there is a failure of the paint or primer we apply, the manufacturer’s warranty of the paint or primer is the only valid warranty after the initial first year; claims must then be made through their warranty department.

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